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Welcome to the Manarat Books Collection :

Manarat is a collection of books designed for children to introduce them to the inspiring journeys of figures from the Muslim world, both historical and contemporary, who have left a mark during their lifetime.

Muslim families often struggle to find books celebrating Muslim figures that appeal to our kids and could stand a chance next to the various books celebrating western and non- Muslim figures. It is no longer the case with Manarat book collection.

In our very first collection, we share the extraordinary stories of:
-Wael Al-Dahdouh, whose bravery has garnered the attention and admiration of the world 
-Fatima Al-Fehria, who founded the world’s first university in Morocco
-and Hawa Abdi, Somalia’s first female gynecologist and human rights advocate who aided thousands during the civil war.

Who are we?

We are Emna and Naila, two proud Muslim moms who were desperately searching for books that our young children could not only identify with, but that would also help them discover the world from a different perspective.
When we didn't find the kind of books we were looking for, we decided to create our own! And, after months of research, planning, writing, illustrating and editing, the Manarat book series was born, alhamdulillah.

Do your children know these amazing Muslims ?

In the wake of recent events unfolding in Gaza, where courage amidst adversity has shone brightly, the Manarat Collection proudly presents its inaugural release, a biography of heroic Palestinian journalist Wael Dahdouh, written especially for children. This groundbreaking book is part of a new series that introduces young readers to a host of remarkable Muslims who have left an indelible mark on history: the Manarat Collection..
The Manarat Collection's debut volume features captivating narratives of individuals such as journalist Wael Dahdouh, trailblazer Fatima al-Fihriya, and human rights advocate Hawa Abdi.
These stories, though diverse in origin and era, share a common thread of perseverance, faith, and the pursuit of justice.
"What makes the books in the Manarat collection so unique is the message conveyed through each of the stories," explains Emna. "It's not about individual success or fame; it's about the impact one can have on their community and the world."