The story of Manarat

We are Emna and Naila, two proud Muslim moms who were desperately searching for books that our young children could not only identify with, but that would also help them discover the world from a different perspective.When we didn't find the kind of books we were looking for, we decided to create our own! And, after months of research, planning, writing, illustrating and editing, the Manarat book series was born.

The project is driven by a deep conviction: in a society filled with consumerism, where easy success tends to overshadow true efforts, and even children are held hostage by a culture of transience, at Manarat, values, ethics, and perseverance prevail. Our children are immersed in cultures that are both diverse and rich. Cultivating their differences by teaching them to be proud and faithful to their values can only become a source of pride and determination in adulthood.

After months of work, short nights, and early morning wake-ups, the Manarat project finally sees the light of day. Through real biographies, Manarat books aim to convey values such as equity, justice, collective interest, honesty, charity, patience, piety, respect for parents and elders, commitment, kindness, integrity, anger management, and love for God, inherent in Islamic ethical principles that will not only allow the child to be proud of their identity and roots but also to open up to other cultures with confidence and tolerance.

What also makes the books in the Manarat collection so unique is the message conveyed through each of the stories: the most important thing is not individual success or celebrity, but the accomplishment of good deeds and positive impact on their respective communities. So don't be surprised to discover some characters whose names you may have never heard before and come discover their incredible journeys...

Each protagonist has been carefully selected and studied, sometimes representing several weeks of meticulous research into their life, environment, and era, and we have worked to perfect every detail of the scenography and illustrations so that the child is fully immersed in the character's story.

The result is a series of multilingual books with captivating stories and illustrations that are imbued with inspiring and essential values for our children.