What make Manarat so unique?

First, our selection of characters is not based on the criteria of individual success, as is the case with other classic biographical works for children. Rather, we chose to value legacies stemming from a positive impact and contributions to the community, allowing our children to identify with positive role models.

Second, each book is beautifully illustrated with highly realistic sketches which makes the stories even more fascinating for the child. We pay great attention to historical details so the children fully immerse themselves in the story. At the beginning of each book there’s a map so the child can situate where the character comes from. And at the end there’s a biography and real pictures intended for older children and adults who assist the child in the reading experience.

Last but not least, Manarat project is not about books as much as it is about the reading journey, including rich vocabulary, immersion, world building, storytelling. It is more than just a book series, it makes the reading experience a true moment of sharing within the family and within the community.