The age range of the Manarat books

Manarat books are perfect for kids aged between 5-9 yo.
Although the book's main audience is children, its content is both educational and enjoyable for individuals of any age. Thus, Manarat books are suitable for anyone who wants to discover or learn more about unique characters who have astonishingly impacted their community and sometimes humankind, while steadily sticking to their identity, roots and values.
The figures featured in the book serve as inspirational examples for contemporary society, with their stories highlighting the importance of perseverance through difficult times, community service, and striving for excellence in all aspects of life, which are timeless lessons.
Although it mainly celebrates islamic ethical values, the Manarat collection will appeal to children from all over the world and help them consider that their actions can help the world be a better place.
The end biographies were designed to allow the adult who is sharing the story with the child or young readers to discover the character in greater depth.